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Finding Joy in Turbulent Times

By Toni Gattone | February 12, 2020

Let’s face it, our country is going through some extraordinarily complicated times, isn’t it? Everybody’s stressed to the max and feeling on edge. With all the chaos, it’s hard to know what tomorrow has in store for us. What’s sad are the families divided by their blue and red loyalties. That divisiveness doesn’t make for …

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Looking Back Over 2019 and
Looking Forward to 2020

By Toni Gattone | December 19, 2019

As the momentous year of 2019 comes to a close, I’m looking back over my shoulder at what an amazing year this has been. Having closed my garden and gift rep business last year after three decades, I embarked on my renaissance career with a clear, unobstructed focus to take my message out to the …

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Announcing the Season for Sharing & Giving Contests

By Toni Gattone | December 4, 2019

This last year, I’ve learned to share in a way that has never felt so aligned with who I am and what matters most to me. For years, I lacked confidence in sharing the wisdom that has come from my story … it wasn’t until I connected with adaptive gardening, that my path was finally …

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A Life of Resilience, Ease & Joy Starts with Gratitude

By Toni Gattone | November 19, 2019

With aging, comes change. That’s life. One thing we can be sure of, change will keep happening. When it does, that’s our opportunity to work on strengthening our resiliency because we can’t control what happens out there, but we can control what happens “in here.” Change is inherently difficult for most of us, but it …

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How About a Virtual Stroll Through Some Stunning Gardens?

By Toni Gattone | November 14, 2019

One of the best parts of my work as a garden writer and speaker is sharing with my audiences and community the exquisite beauty I encounter in the gardens I visit and in the gifts that gardening has to added to my life. Why is sharing the beauty of the garden one of my favorite …

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