Growing Hope and Growing Your Own Food With My Online Series

As grocery store shelves become more sparse due to unpredictable food supply being disrupted, gardening is going through a renaissance like we haven’t seen since World War II, when everyone was growing their own Victory Garden. 

The National Gardening Bureau has dubbed this time Victory Garden 2.0. Now it makes all the sense in the world for people to grow their edibles and embrace the many benefits of gardening. Because I know the many gifts that gardening offers, this new wave of interest in gardening couldn’t make me happier. 

Since beginning my encore career writing and teaching, I’ve enjoyed sharing the emotional, mental, and physical benefits, as well as the financial benefits of growing your own food, which is especially valuable now.

Meet Susan Mulvihill. (Susan and I met at the GardenComm conference in Salt Lake City and we just clicked!) Her website, is bountiful with ideas for your edible garden.

Over the years, I’ve also experienced the social benefits of gardening with friends and family and in community as a Master Gardener. 

It’s been such an important part of why I’ve enjoyed gardening for all these years that despite our need for physical distancing during Covid-19, I’ve decided to get innovative and create ways for us to come together to enhance our gardening experience and learn some new things along the way, while discovering ways to stay connected with one another.

Finding a New Way: The Seeds Have Been Planted for Online Gardening Workshop Series

I am in the process of redesigning my in-person seminars so I can share them with you online. I’m excited to pass along all I’ve learned over the years to help you start your garden — with adaptive techniques in mind, so as your body changes, your garden will continue to work for you, and then you won’t have to re-do it later.

The workshop series will be focused on growing edibles in small spaces, elevated raised beds, and containers with an eye on sustainability, lower maintenance and saving time, money, space, and energy. It will include many tips, tools, and techniques from my book The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease & Joy at Any Age and I’ll share what I’ve learned from attendees at my workshops and presentations.

I can make my way way to the ground, but the older I get, the harder it is to get back up without my reversible kneeler bench.

I’m developing the content for both experienced gardeners as well as beginning gardeners who are eager to participate in this resurgence and choosing resilience and wanting to be self-sufficient.

So, here’s my question for you …

Would you like to join our first
Path to Resilient Gardening Series offered via Zoom?

For anyone interested in being a part of our pilot program, please email me at:  We’ll be in touch with our plans for the program and you’ll be given priority registration.

We’re putting together an information and resource rich online workshop series  for you and we welcome your requests for specific topics that would be of interest and will support you in getting the most of your time in the garden.

We can strengthen our resilience during these challenging times, and by doing it together, we’ll share the hope and the joy of growing your own food can bring. 

Join me! I would love to have you with me on this new path.

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