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Thriving and The Power of Setting Intentions Aligned with Your Values

By Toni Gattone | January 21, 2022

Prune Away What’s Keeping Us from Thriving  Something I’ve appreciated about gardening over the years are the rich metaphors it provides for a life well-lived. There is something about stepping through the garden gate in my mind and considering the questions I’m being challenged by, through the lens of tending to my garden, that energizes …

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Fall leaves in a pile in the shape of a heart

Autumn Garden Care: Must-Do Tasks + Top Tools That Make for Easy-Peasy Work

By Toni Gattone | November 17, 2021

I am so grateful for the change of seasons. It’s not only brought striking autumn colors and cooler temperatures but also the rain! Yes, here in one of the most dangerous wildfire zones in the western United States, we’re celebrating having rain for several weeks now, which has provided quite the exhale because it is …

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For Our Planet Adapting and Growing-Resilience

Adapting to Climate Change: Creating Resilient Homes and Gardens

By Toni Gattone | October 8, 2021

I’ve been quiet the last several months, listening and writing about how I can best be of service to this community. Far too many of us are experiencing the realities of climate change. With drought conditions worsening, floods wiping out entire towns, and wildfires threatening precious forests and resources, I’ve come to realize there is …

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Sharing Gold Medal Garden Inspiration With My Fellow 2021 GardenComm Award Winners

By Toni Gattone | September 1, 2021

GardenComm recently announced their 2021 Award Winners. I was so incredibly touched to be named a Gold Winner in the Speaking category that I wanted to say a few words about how much I’ve appreciated being a part of the GardenComm Community and a few thank yous to the people who have supported me, that …

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Even in My 70s, There’s Still Joy in Breaking the Rules Sometimes

By Toni Gattone | April 2, 2021

Have you ever been so swept away by the anticipation of getting your spring garden planted that you slid down the slippery slope of being overzealous and perhaps just a tad unrealistic about what you can reasonably accomplish in an afternoon? This is the time of year when we’re most apt to take chances by …

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