Gardening journal for the 'Resilient Gardener, featuring the top 10 Adaptive Gardening Guidelines

The Top 10 Adaptive Gardening Guidelines to Live By

1. Our bodies change. That’s life. When we realize we have limitations that stop us from doing what we want to do, we have to learn to “accept what is” first. Then, and only then, we can develop resiliency by looking for other ways to get it done. 2. You deserve a safe and comfortable …

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Toni’s Tool Tips | Haws Watering Cans

If you like to use a watering can, in my experience as a garden rep for nearly thirty years, the only watering can to own is made by Haws, where they’ve been expertly crafted in England, since 1886. As I’ve aged and needed to adapt my gardening practices and tools, I learned that Haws watering …

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