You can garden for life . . .
with Adaptive Gardening.

When life hands us lemons, make lemonade.

Our aging process does not dictate our gardening potential. Our mobility issues do not diminish our ability to produce the garden of our dreams. We have the power to adapt our gardens to our vision, and adapt our vision by revising how we approach gardening.

Through utilizing adaptive gardening techniques, we honor our capacities by gardening smarter, not harder, while looking for new ways that are kinder to our bodies. Gardeners of all ages and abilities can hold on to their love of gardening when holding the pruners gets tougher.

Come join me on the path to adaptive gardening so you can garden for life, in comfort, with ease and joy.

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Is Adaptive Gardening right for you?

You’re not ready to give up gardening, but you just can’t keep doing it the old way.

The tools you’ve used for years are getting harder and harder to manage. Getting down on the ground to weed and prune is easier than getting back up. The joy and satisfaction you’ve come to cherish from your gardening experience is being overshadowed by the compromises you’ve had to make. I demonstrate tools I have adapted at home for pennies on the dollar, as well as new ergonomic tools on the market. I explain changes you can make to your garden to make it safer and more comfortable to maintain, as well as methods of managing your garden that can revitalize your approach to gardening. It is possible to continue to have the garden of your dreams and I can show you how.

You know there must be ways to prevent the pain and injuries you’ve endured.

Your grip is not as sturdy as it used to be and your pruning doesn’t have quite the same snap. At the end of a day of gardening, your body lets you know you’ve pushed it too far. Your tools are still in good shape, so why make a change? In my seminars, I show gardeners how little adjustments here and there can make a significant difference in what you can accomplish with a fraction of the impact on your body. It is time to give your body a break, and I have just the tools to do it.

You’re ready to get creative about finding work-arounds to maximize your experience in the garden.

Talk about sweat equity! You invest your time in your garden. You invest care and labor. And you’ve invested money in plants, planters, watering systems, fertilizers and more. Getting the most out of your investments just requires a few creative tweaks. I bring thirty years of experience in the gardening industry to my seminars, my videos, and my garden parties. I think you’ll be surprised at how little it may take to bring back the joy and ease to your gardening experience.

Praise for Toni’s Adaptive Gardening Techniques . . .

  • “I loved how you engaged the group and made a relationship with all us gardeners. The issues you mentioned, like balance, muscle strength and slower reaction time, were things I had not considered as age issues, but arthritis. Thank you so much for presenting to our club.” – Sharon Howard, Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club
  • “You are a knowledgeable and engaging speaker
    …you held your audience’s attention expertly.” – Patricia Locke
  • “An excellent presentation with great ideas! Loved the discussion on adaptive tools. Gardening can be an ageless pursuit!” – Janet Moore
  • “Great pace, excellent energy, positive and upbeat message. Bravo!!!” – Suzanne Bontempo
  • “Getting older doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what we love. With pain and frustration in my rear view mirror, I intend to garden gracefully til I drop, hopefully in a bed of lavender.” – Karen Anderson