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Solutions for gardeners who see their gardens as an opportunity to enhance their lives for the better.

#2 Header Banner Speaker Author Tagline

Solutions for gardeners who see their gardens as an opportunity to enhance their lives for the better.


My presentations are for resilient, lifelong gardeners who believe in:

E mbracing change and how we respond
A ccepting "what is" and finding solutions
S eeking comfort and safety first
E mpowering ourselves through self-care

A lways looking for new ways to adapt
N ever giving up as we respond to our new normal
D esigning a life we love through our love of gardening

J oining new communities and growing friendships
O vercoming fears and having fun
Y es we can!

I offer interactive and engaging talks that can be customized for your event and demographics.
I deliver effective, solutions-oriented thinking to help gardeners modify and
adapt to their physical limitations, no matter their age or their level of ability.

Each of her programs are designed and developed to
inspire your participants to embrace change and
take empowered action so they can garden for life.

All seminars are presented with PowerPoint slides and delivered virtually or in-person when appropriate.

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You CAN Garden For Life!

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This is the flagship seminar that established Toni as an expert on Adaptive Gardening and it was the basis for her book: The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age. Published in 2019 by Timber Press.

Adaptive Gardening gives gardeners of all ages and abilities countless strategies that enable them to continue to enjoy gardening, even when their bodies say: “I don’t think so.”

Learn how to save time, money, space, and above all, save energy. Re-think how you approach working in your garden and how your garden can be modified to increase your comfort and safety.

In this seminar, we’ll ...

  • Explore how to save time, save money, save space, and above all, how to save energy.
  • Take a closer look at their physical garden and consider how it could be modified to make it more comfortable to work in. We discuss hardscape and tripping hazards, elevated raised beds, containers, and vertical gardening opportunities.
  • Talk a lot about tools, because all gardeners love their tools! We learn how their favorite tools can be adapted so they can keep using them with comfort. If they need to buy new tools or prefer the convenience of multi-use tools, I share recommendations of many ergonomic tools on the market today.

The Ease and Joy of
Growing Edibles in Containers

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Growing veggies, herbs, edible flowers, and salad greens in containers are actually easier to plant, maintain, and harvest than traditional garden beds. There are fewer pests and diseases, and hardly any weeds.

Most edibles are super happy growing in pots. This program focuses on choosing easy edibles and the right container, ensuring both the novice and experienced gardeners will succeed. We discuss the optimal growing conditions and best practices for productive harvests.

Containers are moveable so you can capture more sun as the season’s change. Speaking of moving, your body will be happier because you can tend and harvest your edible feast without bending over.

In this seminar, we’ll …

  • Learn how to create a small-scale garden that fits your abilities, your space, and your personal preferences
  • Talk about the types of plants, flowers, veggies, and herbs that thrive in container gardens
  • Discuss what containers are best for your situation and how to get started. What supplies you need to start and care for a container garden throughout the year.

Read reviews from my previous seminars!

Fantastic Online Presentation. I wanted to write a review of the workshop we just had with Toni Gattone. The presentation was fabulous because Toni has such a comfortable and knowledgeable way about her. When the pandemic arrived and we had to pivot from an in-person presentation to a zoom conference, Toni met with me on 3 occasions to iron out zoom questions. This made the presentation go smoothly and everyone loved it. The email chatter after the presentation was all laudatory. Toni has so much information, I would definitely hire her as a speaker for your groups.”

— Patty Siskind

Horticulture Co-Chair
Piedmont Garden Club

“I was raised on a farm, and spring/summer was consumed with gardening. I haven't had much, if any, desire to ever garden again. However, after listening to your presentation, I am tempted. Great info, tempo, and slides. I took notes!

Thanks so much.”

— Mary Jane

A recent participant in virtual seminar on Growing Edibles in Containers

When I planned for a presentation from Toni, I didn’t know she would charm, entertain, and ease our transition to redesigning our gardens, our tasks, and our outlook on aging. With humor and kindness, Toni invited us to rethink why we garden and to focus on the essence rather than the form. At a time when we dread diminishing abilities and resources, she reminded us of our optimism, our willingness to learn from each other and to help each other.

Thank You, Toni!

— Landry Wildwind

Chair, Program Committee
El Cerrito Garden Club

“On behalf of the chapter, thank you for your excellent advice on aging in place, i.e. in the garden.
Your keynote address was very well received. Thank You.”

— Mary Eiswerth

Polk County Master Gardeners

“Remarkable and Inspiring.” The Garden Guild in Oakland, CA had the pleasure of having Toni speak twice in 2020. In February, she treated us to her Adaptive Gardening seminar in person. In July, via Zoom she spoke about container gardening with edibles. Toni shares her wealth of knowledge as well as tips and tools that make gardening easier. Toni is a remarkable and inspiring speaker. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make you want to go out and garden!

— Liane Scott

Program Chair
Garden Guild in Oakland, CA

“Your presentation on ‘You Can Garden for Life with Adaptive Gardening’ was so relevant to our Berkeley Garden Club. Many of us are retired and still have a passion for gardening. You not only addressed issues of diminishing balance, strength and flexibility; you gave us solutions! The examples of adapting and installing new garden structures and walking surfaces and replacing our garden tools with ones that help us garden more efficiently and effectively were very helpful. We came away feeling empowered and ready to garden for life.”

— Patricia St. John

Berkeley Garden Club

Growing a Giving Garden

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There’s a gardening renaissance happening, similar to the Victory Gardens during World War II, when twenty million home gardeners produced 40% of the food supply.

Currently, most of our fruits and vegetables are picked before they’re ripe and travel an average of 1500 miles to our grocery stores. We have to fix the problem with distribution and find more resilient ways to feed ourselves and enough to give to food banks and those in need.

It’s as simple as becoming more connected to your community, thinking locally, realizing there are solutions. Whether you have acres of land, a suburban backyard, or even a balcony, we each have the power to make a difference and become more self-sufficient.

Cultivating Community

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Find new ways to grow your community through get-out-of-the-house activities with local groups, or volunteer your time by helping a neighbor or community group in their garden.

Join a garden club based on your love of roses, iris, or native plants. Become a Master Gardener to keep learning, keep your mind sharp, and by volunteering to help the community.

Get it done, then have fun, by inviting friends over for a working garden party. Help a friend or neighbor who could use a helping hand in their garden. We’ll explore ways to grow your community while doing what you love to do, being in a garden with friends.

In this seminar, we’ll …

  • Explore options and activities for building community while gardening
  • Talk about volunteer gardening opportunities
  • Get creative and talk about ways to host a working garden party

Toni is an Adaptive Gardening
Expert & Resilience Change-Agent.

Toni is an Adaptive Gardening
Expert & Resilience Change-Agent.

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