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If you like to use a watering can, in my experience as a garden rep for nearly thirty years, the only watering can to own is made by Haws, where they’ve been expertly crafted in England, since 1886.

As I’ve aged and needed to adapt my gardening practices and tools, I learned that Haws watering cans are superior compared to any other brand on the market. Why?

  • They are perfectly balanced—whether you carry them by the two gripping points, i.e. the handle or by the crossbar. No other brand on the market offers that ideal adaptive design.
  • Having two different handles makes for an easy ergonomic grip and is less tiring to carry and to use. 
  • Haws offers dozens of models to choose from in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes.
  • Many of their cans are made from heavy gauge steel and galvanized for strength. They are classic in design and beautiful crafted, but be aware, they are heavy when empty, which is not a good thing for many of us with bad backs or weaker knees.
  • They also offer small copper and brass cans for indoor gardening.

Which one do I recommend?

My favorite is The Haws Practican (1.6 gallon US or 10 pints)

  • It is made from high quality plastic that has injected molding making it super strong, durable, and above all, lightweight.
  • It has a tall neck that acts like a splash-guard, so water does not spill when you’re walking.
  • It comes with an oval all brass ‘Rose’ that provides a gentle stream of water for tender plants.

And one of the best parts — my Practican is more than twenty-five years old. It’s a little scratched and nicked up, but guess what? It has never leaked.

Yep, Haws is simply the best, since 1886.

If you are interested in ordering a Haws watering can, call Bosmere USA @ 704-784-1608 (8:30am to 5:00pm est) and give them the code TG19 to receive a 10% discount.

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