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Toni’s Tool Tips | Soil Scoop

By Toni Gattone | May 18, 2018

This tool is my go-to for most chores in the garden because it replaces numerous other tools. And as far as I’m concerned, learning to simplify is one of the biggest goals of adaptive gardening. This Soil Scoop replaces most trowels because it has a much larger head than the standard trowel, so you can …

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Toni’s Tool Tips | Radius Weeder

By Toni Gattone | May 17, 2018

And here’s another great tool that truly is ergonomic … This is a weeder from the Radius tool line and it makes gardening easier because it is lightweight and keeps your wrist in a neutral position. All the Radius tools are great because they are guaranteed for life.

Straighten Up!

By Toni Gattone | May 15, 2018

Here’s an example of the wrong way and right way to use your wrist. When choosing a new garden tool, find one that allows your wrist to be in a neutral, non-twisted position. Otherwise, when you twist your wrist to use your pruners, that repetitive movement over time can cause unnecessary pain. So straighten up!

Toni’s Tool Tips | Gloves, Gloves and More Gloves

By Toni Gattone | April 24, 2018

I’m convinced there’s a right glove for every job in the garden.

Toni’s Tool Tips | Get a Grip (part 2)

By Toni Gattone | April 19, 2018
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