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Quality Lightweight Hoses Do Exist!

Maybe I bought the wrong hoses in the first place. I was always wrestling with them when I was unraveling it or unkinking it and the darn thing was heavier than I wanted to do when I wanted to put it back on the hose hanger. I found it was way too easy to throw my back out because the weight made it awkward to use, especially on a hot day, when you just want to put everything away and take a shower, right?

Well, thankfully, hoses have come a long way and there are now some great lightweight hoses on the market. I like them so much, I have replaced all my heavy hoses with lightweight hoses because they are easier on my body.

Gardeners who live in condos or apartments with patios or lanais, houses with balconies or second-story window boxes will benefit from lightweight coiled hoses because you can attach them to your kitchen faucet with an available adapter. The coiled hoses also help to prevent injuries that might result from standard hoses, which can be difficult to store.

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