Virtual Ribbon Cutting: A New Book, A New Look, and a New Online Garden

In the Spring of 2017, I was approached by an editor at Timber Press Publishing, to write a book on Adaptive Gardening, — what an amazing ride this adventure has been! 

She heard me speak at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle and she explained they were looking for a subject matter expert on the same subject I was speaking on. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

“Can you turn your seminar into a book?” she asked.

Little did I know at the time how dramatically my life would change since hearing that fateful question. I never considered writing a book about gardening, but this niche I’d found, in something I’d been interested in for decades, has proven to be the golden ring on the carousel of my life.

So, here I am — two and a half years later, launching, unveiling and creating my first online opening!  

LAUNCHING: On August 10th, the key contributors, who were instrumental in making my book a reality will be at my first (but not my last) book launch party and celebration.

Of course, my super supportive husband, Tim will be there, as will Heidi Hornberger, my collaborator and photographer for the book. My friends who have supported me through the entire process are coming. Fellow Master Gardeners whose profiles are featured in the book and models for our photographs will also be joining in on the celebration. And YES!, the champagne will be flowing!

Following an exciting and at times daunting nineteen months, having to learn how to write a book while I was actually writing it…my dream has become a reality. My book is now in retail bookstores across the country, available from online retailers worldwide, and a personalized, autographed copy can even be purchased at my own online store as well.

UNVEILING: Did I mention this virtual ribbon-cutting party is not just about my new book? 

Simultaneously, through the magic of carefully crafted words, luscious garden imagery, and a rich color palette, I’ll also unveil my new business look on my sparkly new website, which we affectionately refer to as my new ‘online garden’.

Here I will share the story about why I’m passionate about this work, how my commitment to being a ‘resilience change agent’, and the years of experience I have as an adaptive gardening expert, can support you in creating a healthier, more active, and rewarding lifestyle through the joy of gardening.

I am super excited to share this stunning new online space with you. Through my new blog and video posts, you’ll find loads of how-to information, adaptive gardening resources, PLUS ‘Toni’s Tool Tips’ finally has its very own home for you to learn from. 

OPENING: On my new website, I’m also cutting the ribbon on the first-ever Adaptive Gardening Online Boutique.  This is a specialty online store, where I’ve carefully curated best in class gardening tools and accessories, which will provide tried and true performance and ergonomic comfort. For years, I’ve wanted to create a shopping experience for other resilient gardeners, so you too can have access to reasonably priced products that can add more ease and joy to your gardening experience.

MORE NEW BEGINNINGS: Oh, oh, oh… there’s one more thing to celebrate! I’m going to be part of  ‘Meet a Gardener’ column on the website. My focus will be on supporting senior and modern elder gardeners, which is a brand new focus for Gardeners Supply.

COMING SOON: The Resilient Gardener Podcast. As part of my book launch, I’ll be giving 20 to 30 radio interviews all over the country, which I look forward to editing and sharing with you via podcast. Stay tuned, literally, for the details. I’ll be announcing the new Resilient Gardener Podcast on my blog, newsletter, and via my social media channels. 

GRATITUDE: If you’ve been following my journey since my first blog posts, THANK YOU for your interest and support of my work. Truly, you’re why I’m here.  If you’re finding your way to my website and blog for the first time — thank you for stopping by, and I invite you to check back often for more innovative tips and practical advice — so you too can garden for life, with resilience, ease, and joy.

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