Seating in the Shade

One of the not so great joys of aging is how susceptible we become to temperatures because our bodies become less efficient at regulating temperatures. This becomes a problem as temperatures rise, so does your internal body temperature when you’re exposed to direct sunlight or extremely hot environments. This is why seniors suffer from heat stroke more often than younger gardeners.

During hot summer months, it is critically important to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration. Studies have shown that when you feel thirsty, your ability to regulate heat begins to decline. For seniors, dehydration can deter the body’s natural cooling processes even more.

During heat waves, seniors should drink water and juices at every meal, and sip fluids throughout the day. They go on to say when we avoid alcohol that can encourage better hydration. (No comment.)

  • Where can you arrange seating in the shade for taking breaks?
  • Many complain about trees that are messy because they drop their leaves all year, but they can also provide shade during the hottest months.
  • Add a pergola or gazebo with a bench or seating for year round shade and to add visual interest.
  • Decorative shade sails are a cost effective alternative to awnings and can easily be removed when winter sets in.
  • Check out my Pinterest account for other fun shade ideas.
  • Add comfortable chairs or benches with backs in the shade or incorporate umbrellas throughout your garden.