Simple How-To Success with Vertical Gardens

1. Fill each cavity halfway with the appropriate potting mix (or cactus mix, if you are planting succulents).

2. Add your plants and more soil, tamping the soil down as you plant.

3. Two or three times a week, tamp the soil down and water them thoroughly. This is where patience comes in handy—before you can hang the planters, they really do need to stay horizontal for a few weeks while the roots take hold.

4. When they seem settled in, ask a friend to help in hanging them up. Then stand back and admire your new vertical garden.

Caring for your vertical gardens:

  • Use an extended-handle hose sprayer for watering or add a drip irrigation line and timer.
  • Find a way to contain the water runoff from your plants so you don’t make a mess or drip on the balcony downstairs.

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