Toni’s Tool Tips | Tractor Scoot with a Bucket Basket

Do you have a tendency to bend over more than your body wants you to? Why not consider buying a mobile garden stool to help you move easily around the yard? I often fantasize about having a larger garden to grow everything I want to grow, and then I think about maintaining it and I am suddenly awake again! If I did have a large garden and a garage to store it in, I would own this Tractor Scoot with a Bucket Basket.

Think of spending an afternoon, scooting around your garden, having all your tools within reach, as well as a place for bulbs, cuttings, or debris, depending on the chore you are doing. I know a gardener who has more than 600 rose bushes and she loves her tractor scoot because it allows her to move from one rose bush to the next effortlessly, making her dead-heading and maintenance a snap.

In the spirit of transparency, I will receive a small fee should you decide to purchase this mobile garden stool through the above link. Thank you for your support.