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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

As you know, I’m all about ease and joy -- especially during the holidays!

To help with gift-giving for the gardening enthusiast in your life, I’ve assembled a collection of my all-time favorite tools your garden-lover will absolutely dig 😉

I’ve added a “Best Seller” badge to the products which have consistently been top sellers with gardeners of all ages, with the Ironwood Tool Sharpener, being at the very top of the list!

(Yeah, that’s the one tool you’ve been meaning to buy.)

This year I’ve also added a variety of fantastic garden books from some of the best garden writers around.

Master Gardener Toni Gattone is her backyard
Master Gardener Toni Gattone is her backyard

They’re as informative as they’re gorgeous and fun to read. Be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

As part of my mission to support you in creating resilient homes and gardens, I’ve also added a number of quality products to help you create water-wise and fire-smarts landscapes and yards.

My goal in producing this Gift Guide each holiday season is to create an enjoyable and easy shopping experience for you. If I can answer questions about the products featured here, or you just can’t decide which tool will be the perfect gift, please reach out at: I’m happy to help!

Happy Shopping!
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Awakening Hand Cream

Best Seller Badge

I've tried all the other hand creams that gardeners recommend and this is the only hand cream that does the trick for rough and dry hands, when in dry, hot climates or frigid cold weather. I use it every day because it's hydrating and moisture-rich, plus I adore the fragrance of myrrh, ginger, and cinnamon.

Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator

Best Seller Badge

Cobrahead tools are made with a forged steel blade, with a curved head that looks like a Cobrahead, and it plows through any soil. You’ll appreciate the quality and ergonomic design of this tool, being able to simplify your gardening tasks with these fabulous weeders, which are made in Wisconsin. Comes in three sizes.

Corona FlexDial® ComfortGel®
Bypass Pruner

Best Seller Badge

I’m always asked about pruners for smaller hands and that’s what I like about this pruner from Corona. The dial allows you to adjust it for comfort for small hands all the way to extra large hands, saving you time and money if you share tools with another person. Plus it comes with a comfort grip that is, well, more comfortable than other pruners.

Corona Ratchet CUT™ ComfortGel® Pruner

This ratchet pruner is a life-saver if you have decreased muscle strength or arthritis in your hands. The 4-gear ratchet system provides multiple, full-leverage cuts for less stress and fatigue. I reach for it whenever I’m faced with cutting branches up to ½” thick. And it comes with a comfort grip, too.

Dramm Revolution Hand Sprayer

Best Seller Badge

If you do a lot of hand watering this thumb-controlled hose sprayer is a delight to use. I love it because it’s multi-functional, has an ergonomic grip, and it comes in a myriad of colors. Purple is my favorite but you get to choose!

Earthwise Leaf Blower

You’ve been raking and sweeping and wish there was an end to this chore and there is! This powerful cordless electric leaf blower comes with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery and a fast charger. Ideal for blowing away leaves and debris from various surfaces. No need for gas, no mess and harmful fumes. You’ll appreciate how quickly you can clean up with this durable product.

Foxgloves Elle Grip Garden Gloves

Best Seller Badge

I recommend this glove because they are super soft, yet super durable. They fit like a second skin and you can feel the difference between a live leaf and a dead leaf. These gloves protect your hands and forearms against scratches, irritation from plant oils, and sun damage.

Foxgloves Gauntlet Gloves

Best Seller Badge

As we age, our skin gets thinner, so we bruise easier. We need to protect our hands and arms, especially when pruning roses, lemons, berries, or succulents with pointy edges. These gauntlets are great because they’re washable, long-lasting, have superb padding, and designed for complete dexterity.

Foxgloves Work Gloves

A superior multi-purpose glove designed for comfortable, long-lasting wear. Padded synthetic suede palm with reinforced fingertips and stretch nylon back offers a snug fit and excellent protection. No matter what heavy jobs you have to do, your hands will feel the difference.

Ironwood Tool Sharpener

Best Seller Badge

This diamond tool sharpener is my all-time favorite. It’s large enough you won’t lose it, it’s easy to sharpen with two grits, and has the right features gardeners should look for in any new ergonomic tool: a slip-resistant comfort eco-grip and a safety guard to prevent accidents.

Ironwood Soil Scoop

Best Seller Badge

This is my #1 go-to tool. The ergonomic comfort grip is easy on your hands and the stainless-steel blade with serrated edges are perfect for digging, cutting, and weeding, making it a multifunctional winning tool. Made in the USA.

Ironwood Hedge Trimmer

Working on trimming hedges can be exhausting with the wrong tool. This tool is lightweight and you’ll appreciate the large cutting capacity. It has a non-slip comfort grip for long trimming jobs and cushioned bumpers to save your knuckles. The bonus is that all parts are replaceable including handles, bumpers, and blades.

Radius Tools

Best Seller Badge

When I discovered Adaptive Gardening, I realized this is the perfect ergonomic tool because it keeps your wrist in the perfect neutral alignment which reduces hand stress. They come in bright colors, yes, in purple, so they are easier to locate, and they’re guaranteed for life. That’s a win-win-win.

Reversible Garden Kneeler

Best Seller Badge

Anyone with a bad back will appreciate this reversible kneeler bench. Its padded seat makes it comfortable sitting next to shrubs and containers or flip it over to kneel down. I love it so much we have three of them, so one is always handy next to our elevated raised beds. Easy-peasy.

Self-Watering 2’x4’ Elevated Raised Bed

This is Gardeners Supply’s best-selling elevated raised bed. Now, this no-bend planter keeps plants hydrated with 2 generous 5-gallon reservoirs that create even moisture throughout the bed, saving you time, energy, and money on your water bill.

Self-Watering Viva Railing Planter

Apartment and condo dwellers rejoice! Add a punch of color and instant drama to your balcony with this self-watering planter. Self-watering pots minimize maintenance and provide plants with a consistent supply of moisture.

Space-Saving Potting Bench

This is such a great idea for small space gardens, and it’s perfect for any gardener with a bad back. Perfect for starting seeds, transplanting seedlings, or propagating houseplants, this slim-profile potting bench is a back saver. And with a compact footprint, it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Sun Joe Power Pruner

When I was writing my book, a local master gardener friend told me how her hands could no longer tolerate the extensive pruning she needed to do in her large yard every year. She wanted to show me her latest favorite tool, a cordless rechargeable power pruner. I was skeptical at first, but a quick trip to her garden showed me you can effortlessly cut branches up to half of an inch with barely a squeeze. When you’ve got a lot of pruning, this Sun Joe cordless pruner will save you time, and I promise, your hands will thank you.

Tabor Tools Collapsible &
Expandable Rake

Best Seller Badge

Interested in saving time and money? You only need one rake if you own this one. Open the tynes to 7” and you can get between tight spaces or expand it to 23” and you can effortlessly rake up leaves without disturbing the mulch beneath. Then when you’re done, it collapses down and you can hang it up, saving space too.

WaterRight Lightweight Hose

Best Seller Badge

Are you tired of fighting with heavy hoses? These are the best lightweight hoses I’ve found. I’ve thrown away those heavy rubber and vinyl hoses. Flexible in all weather conditions from freezing temperatures to hot water up to 140 degrees. Plus, it’s certified for safe drinking water.

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