Garden with
Ease & Joy at Any Age

Garden with
Ease & Joy at Any Age

Don’t get me wrong, I did think that eventually, I would
become an author. I knew I had a book in me, maybe two,
but I never considered writing a book about gardening.

That changed when an Acquisition Editor from Timber Press called. She heard me speak at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle and wanted to know if I would be interested in writing a book based on my seminar; ‘You Can Garden For Life!’. They had been looking for someone who was a subject matter expert on adaptive gardening.

I signed the contract in June 2017 and that’s when the excitement and simultaneous terror began. It took me nearly two years to birth The Lifelong Gardener: Garden With Ease and Joy At Any Age, and with the terror in my rearview mirror, I am excited beyond belief to share it with you.

While my core demographics are seniors, modern elders and boomers, my book is helpful to gardeners of any age and any ability, who are experiencing physical issues yet they want to continue gardening. Even children of older gardeners can benefit from helping their parents adapt to save time or energy. Younger gardeners can plan their gardens now and how they will work them with the future in mind.

This book also makes the perfect gift for your friends who love to garden.

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The Lifelong Gardener
Garden with Ease & Joy at Any Age

Enjoy hundreds of adaptive gardening tool tips, solutions, resources and gorgeous photos that will inspire you to garden for life!

This book celebrates gardening at any age while also being an information-rich resource about resilience, not giving up, and how an adaptive approach to gardening can remove barriers, and create new opportunities for senior and boomer gardeners.

You’ll find helpful guidance for starting and maintaining container gardens, edible landscapes, along with tried-and-true methods to help eliminate the physical strain of gardening, recommendations for ergonomic tools, using elevated raised beds, and dozens of simple ways to make gardening more comfortable, easy and joyful.

One of the reasons I’ve developed this online home is to create a thriving resilient gardener community, and an important part of building community is establishing trust. So, I want you to know that if you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase my book from one of my distributors, I’ll receive a small referral fee -- which I’ll promptly put towards my production expenses for my next ‘Toni’s Tool Tips’ video -- where I’ll share information and resources to help you create greater ease and joy in your gardening experience.

Testimonials and Book Reviews

“I love this book; she offers help and hope to all of us who want to still garden and enjoy our favorite pastime so we can be outdoors, experience the wonder of nature, and indulge our love of plants.”

— Stephanie Cohen

"The Perennial Gardener''; award-winning author; Garden Communicators Fellow; Perennial Plant Association honor recipient

“Helps aging gardeners launch into a new phase of their gardening lives.”

— Marianne Willburn

“The Small Town Gardener”; author of Big Dreams, Small Garden: A Guide to Creating Something Extraordinary in Your Ordinary Space

"Toni’s cheerful voice, helpful tool suggestions, labor-saving techniques, and savvy strategies make this an inspiring resource for young-at-heart gardeners."

— Louise Clarke

Bloomfield Farm horticulturist, Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania

“Thanks to The Lifelong Gardener, we can all continue doing what we love. This book will keep you gardening through all the seasons of your life.”

— Peggy Hill

Writer, Alabama Gardener Magazine

"The esthetics are awe-inspiring, with colorful photographs on nearly every page. Her text is insightful, followed regularly with bulleted checklists, points of emphasis and text boxes. She includes stories of real people, including herself, to illustrate her ideas."

— Julie Brocklehurst-Woods

Occupational Therapist and Master Gardener

Toni covers a multitude of modifications you can make for a safer garden such as hardscaping, ramps, handrails and fencing along with ways to make chores simpler by utilizing drip irrigation systems and low-maintenance plant selections.

— Kim Roman

Owner of Square Foot Gardening For You

“This book is a terrific resource. I would add that it's not just for the ageing gardener because there are so many good ideas presented here for ALL gardeners … I can't wait to recommend this book to my readers and audiences."

— Lorraine Ballato

Author of Success With Hydrangeas

“Beautifully tailored to women who are approaching their golden years or who suffer from chronic pain ... practical advice and easy adaptations … positive and empowering.”

— Woman’s World

“Reading this book is like having coffee with a friend. Toni gives no-nonsense advice. She doesn't pander to your various aches and pains but rather acknowledges them while swiftly moving on to talk about solutions. Many of these solutions are so simple and inexpensive you'll wonder why you had never thought of them before.”

— Karen Chapman

Designer, Author, Speaker and Tour Guide

True to the title, reading this book was filled with ease and joy!  Beautifully photographed, delightfully formatted, finding this book was like finally finding a pair of perfectly fitted garden gloves.  It fit my needs as a gardener with a history of repetitive strain injury, directing me towards practical tools and tricks as well as an inspired mindset to garden more sustainably.  As an occupational therapist and community garden member, this book helped sow the seeds for a grant-funded adaptive gardening project for our members.  Toni Gattone and the gardeners featured in the book are a living testament to lifelong gardening with ease and joy!

— Hollie Marron

Occupational Therapist