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When you’re done pruning this winter, don’t forget to clean, sharpen and oil your tools so they’ll be ready come spring.

Diamond Tool Sharpeners Are Forever

Even if you invest in good tools, you still need to keep them sharpened. The first tool sharpener I ever bought was from a major brand, but it was only four inches long. I thought to myself, “I’m going to lose this.” And I did. I was determined to find a sharpener I could depend on, so I went to my local nursery and had a conversation with the store manager. She suggested I look for a diamond tool sharpener. Because of their superior quality and the near-perfect consistency in their grit size, they get the job done quicker than standard sharpeners.

Ironwood Tool Sharpeners

Once I found my 10-inch diamond tool sharpener by Ironwood, I was happy. It has a slip-resistant comfort grip and a safety guard so I can’t accidentally cut myself. And it’s large enough that I never lose it. I’ve tried other sharpeners, but I haven’t found another one I like as much as this one.

The round, 400-grit coarse side works well for a badly worn or damaged blade edges. Using the flat, 600-grit fine side helps maintain a polished edge. The tapered design allows easy sharpening in between pruner blades where debris can accumulate—with this sharpener, you can clean that area without removing the blades.

Even good tools are useless if you don’t have an effective, safe way to keep them sharp.

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