It’s a New Year!

Let’s get to it!

It’s a New Year and the perfect time to do something new, try something you’ve never tried before, and expand in new directions. I find that the most important thing when I’m “feeling stuck” in the old or “completely overwhelmed” with all the opportunities I’m facing is not making the “correct” move from my mind, but making any kind of move in my body. The motion itself always makes me feel better, gets me out of old ways of thinking and leads me to the next step.

My own first step is to tell you I want to help grow the Adaptive Gardening community this new year. I’ve met so many wonderful people speaking in the last year and I want to tell their stories, large and small. So I’m putting out my goal to all of you.

Expressing our true selves in this new year is so important that I’m going to be coming back to this theme, again and again, this year. For instance, gardening from a place of not what others think you should plant, or what you “think you should plant” but gardening from the heart. What makes your heart sing?

Planting what makes your heart sing will not only help to nurture your own body but it will help to “seed” our larger community and spark future ideas. Share your ideas. Share your challenges. Find new ways of doing things, share them with me and others. Send me pics on Facebook of what makes your heart sing. We’re all in this together.

A Happy New Year to all!

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