You Can Garden for Life! with Adaptive Gardening

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us… That moment when you realize you have a ‘new normal’ of what you can no longer comfortably or safely do in your garden. If you are one of millions of gardeners who silently wonder: “How long can I keep this up?” because you have painful physical limitations, this seminar can be a life-changer for you.

With 78 million Baby Boomers becoming seniors and millions more in all age groups that suffer from limited mobility issues, this informative ‘how-to’ Adaptive Gardening seminar delivers dozens of tips, tools and techniques that can help. My goal is to inspire gardeners to adapt; to look for a better way, and be more resilient when your body doesn’t work the same way it used to, so you can garden for life.

The Moveable Feast Growing Edibles in Containers

Gardeners love growing their veggies and salad greens in containers because they are so much easier to plant and maintain than traditional garden beds. The good news is that most edibles are super happy growing in containers. You can transform your decks, patios and balconies by grouping interesting containers for a feast of color and visual punch.

Containers are ultimately moveable so you can capture more sun as it changes from season to season. And speaking of moving, your body will be so much happier because you can tend and harvest your edible feast without bending over.