January 2016

Why not? There is nothing more fun than having five or six friends help you get your gardening projects done, and like most gardeners I know, all you have to do is feed them a lovely lunch and they’re happy to help.

When I graduated from the Master Gardeners program, I heard a lot of my classmates say they had a list a mile long of all the projects they wanted to do in their gardens. I came up with the idea of having Garden Parties and I had no trouble whatsoever of finding people to volunteer to have one. I sent out an email to everyone with the details of where and when and everyone who said they would, showed up. We planted a tree, did some weeding, transplanted shrubs, planting a tree, and spread mulch down a hillside. Afterwards, we had a great lunch.

When I started hearing about how the garden industry is being challenged as baby boomers retire, downsize and have fixed incomes, my reaction is to keep it going with GARDEN PARTIES. Call some friends and invite them over. Or, if you have a friend who’s been ill or unable to get out into her garden, why not organize (with your friend’s permission) a small gathering to help her get ready for spring.