Everything Toni Gattone has done in her career has brought her to being a speaker ...


Toni has found many quality ergonomic tools that are her favorites...


Gardening can be your respite. It heals and gives back...


“I loved how you engaged the group and made a relationship with all us gardeners.
The issues you mentioned, like balance, muscle strength and slower reaction time, were things I had not considered as age issues, but arthritis. Thank you so much for presenting to our club.”
– Sharon Howard
Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club


“You are a knowledgeable and engaging speaker
…you held your audience’s attention expertly.”
– Patricia Locke

You Can Garden for Life!

with Adaptive Gardening

Talk Description


Do you love to garden and don’t want to give it up? If so, this seminar is for you and your group.


Toni teaches gardeners how to modify their gardens, adapt their tools & re-think how & when they garden, enabling them to garden in comfort & joy, without pain.

All participants leave with an Adaptive Gardening Plan they can refer to when they are out in their garden or out shopping for new tools.

You will learn:


1. How to deepen your commitment to be out in nature and creating beauty.


2. To discover easy ways to adapt or change your garden, so it works for you.


3. How your love for great garden tools grows when you see a tool you can’t live without.


4. Strategies to incite fun garden parties and help create a garden revival.

The Moveable Feast:

Growing Edibles in Containers

Talk Description


Make the most of your space by growing veggies, fruit, herbs and edible flowers in containers, even if you only have a small deck or patio. Containers give you the freedom to be moved to catch more sun or shade and to avoid extreme weather conditions.

You will learn:


1. How to choose the right containers in the right size for all your plants.


2. To let your juices flow with ideas on re-purposed containers.


3. How to combine thrillers, fillers and spillers with companion planting.



 Upcoming Events


August 24 & 25, 2017     Master Gardener Statewide Conference; Long Beach CA

September 13, 2017     Novato Garden Club

October 23, 2017     Santa Rosa Garden Club

November 14, 2017     Berkeley Garden Club


Recent Events


Orchard Nursery and Garden Center

Northwest Flower and Garden Show; Seattle WA

Marin Master Gardeners







“An excellent presentation with great ideas! Loved the discussion on adaptive tools.
Gardening can be an ageless pursuit!”
– Janet Moore

“Great pace, excellent energy, positive and upbeat message. Bravo!!!”
– Suzanne Bontempo

“Getting older doesn’t mean we have to stop doing what we love. With pain and frustration in my rear view mirror, I intend to garden gracefully til I drop, hopefully in a bed of lavender.”
– Karen Anderson


“When the growing gets tough, don’t throw in the trowel.”
– Beverly Rose Hopper

Toni has been in the garden industry for twenty-six years and has personally tested a wide variety of
garden tools and gloves, which gives her the expertise to know which ones to recommend.


Tools can be purchased at my seminars.


tools for gardeners


Adaptive Gardening Tools


How do you continue to garden, to weed or to lift bags of mulch when you have arthritis or some kind of physical limitation that gives you, for example, decreased muscle strength?


There is no longer a need to risk straining your neck, back or arms when pruning, raking or working the ground.


Get a Better Grip


The key to any ergonomic tool is the ninety-degree angled grip. Twisting your hands, wrists, and arms in a linear fashion usually results in pain.


By contrast, the ergonomic garden tool conforms to you. The key element is a short handle that rests at a ninety-degree angle, or perpendicular, to the garden tool shaft. This allows you to grip the handle with one hand in a natural upright position.


You will find Easi Grip trowels, cultivators and forks with just such a smart design. Another aspect of ergonomic garden tools is the support cuff which works in conjunction with the 90-degree handle.

Guidelines for Buying Tools


1. The #1 thing to keep in mind is this: Buy the best tool you can afford for the type of gardening you’ll be doing.


2. Use the right tool for the job. If you’re digging a hole, use a shovel, not a trowel. Don’t use your pruners to open a can. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people damage their tools (and themselves!) by using the wrong piece of equipment.


3. Keep your tools in good working order. Spray moving and metal parts with a silicone spray to keep them clean, lubricated and rust-free. Sharpen blades, including shovels and spades. Sand wooden handles to avoid splinters. Store them all in a dry location, like a shed, garage, or basement. Not only will your tools last much longer, they’ll make all of your gardening tasks easier.


4. Make sure your tools are comfortable for you. The “best” tool in the world won’t work for you if it’s too large, too heavy, or uncomfortable to hold. Everyone is different – try them before you buy them.

Toni recommends FELCO Pruners


Why? I’ve tried a lot of pruners over the years and I believe Felco’s are the highest quality pruning shears on the market. They are imported from Switzerland and are built with such quality, many gardeners report they lasted for decades. I’ve had one pair for twenty five years. And in my book, I love my Felco’s because their blades, their spring, literally every part of the Felco pruner can be replaced.


When you go shopping, try them on for size; compare the feel and fit to other pruners. While most retailers will only carry 3 to 5 models, there are actually fifteen models to choose from, ranging in price from $30 to $68.

Send me an email, I will give you a code for a 10% discount on any Felco product on their website:


“When you get, give
When you learn, teach.”
– Maya Angelou

ABOUT Toni Gattone


Everything Toni Gattone has done in her career has brought her to being a speaker and writer. Gardening is Toni’s first love & she is passionate to help gardeners in an inspiring & informational way.


She fell in love with gardening in her grandfather’s backyard in Chicago but it wasn’t until she moved to the warmer climate of Northern California that her love began to bloom.


For eight years, she conducted public seminars for 3M Company in San Francisco and at one of those seminars, she was recruited to sell and conduct presentation skills training for Decker Communications.


She joined the National Speakers Association and served on the Northern California Board of Directors as Program Chair for their bi-monthly meetings. Toni presented “The Power of Visual Presentations” to 500 professional speakers at NSA’s annual convention.


Her third and final job in Corporate America was with Learning International as a Key Account Executive, selling professional selling skills, management and customer service training to corporations in the Bay Area. When the Loma Prieta earthquake shook things up in 1989, she realized she had gained all the skills she needed to start her own business, and she knew it would have to do with gardening!


A few months later, Toni Gattone & Associates, a wholesale manufacturers representative agency in the garden and gift industry was launched. For more than fifteen years, she and her sales associates produced ten to twelve award-winning booths at the San Francisco International Gift Show. Although they no longer participate in shows, she still runs that business today.


She became a Master Gardener in 2011 and found a new community of like-minded people who love nothing more than spending time in a garden, any garden, any where. She served as their Public Seminars Co-Chair for two years and dramatically grew their community outreach.


That’s when she realized she could start speaking again. Her seminar, YOU CAN GARDEN FOR LIFE! has been well received by Master Gardeners, garden clubs, senior groups and nurseries. In 2016, she presented at the trifecta of garden events at the Northwest, Chicago and San Francisco Flower & Garden Shows.


“Growing older is inevitable, aging is optional.”
– Dr. Christine Northrup

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